**EDIT: 12/15/2016: I know they’re all digital now, but I’m keeping this post up for nostalgia.**

Let’s take a dive into #Ham4Ham, one of the best free (and understandably crowded) shows in New York City. It’s also a very short show: I attended one this past week, getting to the Richard Rodgers theater an hour before showtime. To a five minute show at that. There are people that line up for the lottery hours in advance with no guarantee of winning. Those not entering the lottery, however, have to stake their spots across the street. Here’s hoping the occasional passing truck doesn’t get in the way of your enjoyment.

Tips for seeing the show:

It’s very simple. You either get there a little over an hour in advance to wait in line for the lottery (the line moves quickly, they got you, fam) OR you get there in less amount of time and wait across the street. What’s the closest view? It depends on your place in line. At least when you don’t enter the lottery you have a choice on where you’ll stand. For those planning on NOT entering the lottery, I advise the following:

  1. People are idling around, hanging out and waiting. There is plenty of room to move around unless people have clogged the street.
  2. The second Lin emerges, people will thrust their phones and cameras up. You will also encounter tall people that are more inclined to get closer to the barricades. Have no fear: your best bet is to stay in place on the edge of the sidewalk so at least you can look over people. Police officers give people space on the street as the narrow sidewalk can’t handle them all.
  3. This goes without saying: please invest in an actual camera with zoom. While phone cameras have gotten more advanced, the zoom quality isn’t exactly ideal.
  4. Also: be courteous and polite. People will have places to go (ahem, work) after the show is over. People do stick around to hear the lottery results.

Since this post was written, updates ahoy: Lin officially passed on hosting duties of #Ham4Ham to Rory O’Malley.

Here’s the video from the show I attended: