Breaking into Little Collins

Two things:

  1. I’m a devout follower of recommendations posted on The Infatuation. I found one of my favorite Lebanese restaurants through their sterling review of Balade in the East Village. I tried almost everything recommended.
  2. Cute, quaint brunch joints, they’re my thing.

Growing up in Midtown East, you don’t get that quaint feeling like you would downtown. It’s mostly overrun with bars welcoming suits, young professionals, and the like and the quality isn’t exactly the best. I tag along with my mother to places on weekends searching for decent coffee for her. Starbucks and Fika are mostly avoided, cute cafes are in. So to our pleasure, “Coffee Shops that Serve Great Food” saved the day. We were already fans of Blue Stone Lane and their banana bread (the 90th street and Fifth ave location is A+), but we wanted to try Little Collins, another Australian import. The first two times we tried to get in, it was on a weekend and apparently after hours, since they’re closed after 4 PM. The next two times we tried it was crowded (and keep in mind: it’s a small place and usually crowds quickly, but for good reason).

Apparently today was our best chance. We not only secured great seats by the window, but we scored fantastic eats.

“The Big Dill”
Hibiscus Iced Tea and Macchiato

Featured: Avocado toast; “the Big Dill”; and hibiscus iced tea with a macchiato. All did not disappoint and I will definitely return for more (hoping it’s at a decent hour with a handful of people occupying the space).