Second Ave

I took a stroll down to Houston Street where I stumbled upon the First Street Green Art Park, which is a public art space featuring stunning work. It’s vibrant and definitely gives you pause when you walk past it. There is much more that I didn’t get the chance to photograph (there’s a peace sign in Christmas lights decorating the gate), but one of the best things about going downtown is seeing how much public art there is on display.

Stick to the right side of Second Ave while walking north and you can find the following displays. The one on the left decorates the Bean.

Pierogi with short rib
Boiled pierogi with short rib

I stopped by Veselka, which was as busy as ever. I ordered these boiled short rib pierogis (4 for $8.50) because I was introduced to them, albeit they were larger, when there was a free pierogi giveaway at St. Mark’s last Halloween. These were tiny, delicious, and went well with the sweet onions and sour cream. I haven’t heard of apple sauce added to pierogi (or pelmeni) — I usually stick to sour cream.

I previously intended to stop by the restaurant to have beef stroganoff, but because I eat Russian cooking on the regular, my mother decided it was a better idea to 1) do it herself 2) also mention that she used to make her own pierogi 3) needle me for not getting them fried. I usually tend to avoid Russian or Ukranian restaurants because inevitably I compare their food to my mother’s and if she’s with me, she always says she can do it better. There is an exception: Stolle Cafe and Bakery, which makes delicious pies.

How am I going to spend New Year’s Eve? Listening to Coloring Book and continue obsessing over bullet journaling. I have an unused Moleskine that I’m transforming into a planner/art book.

HOT TIP: unable to find the appropriate jam playlist for 2016 (“It’s the End of the World” on repeat does not count), the Infatuation strikes again with their top 100 for the year. I would have added Common’s “Black America Again (featuring Stevie Wonder)”. Give it a listen below.